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Printable Tri-fold NorthWest Area Meeting List: link
Printing Instructions: Print Duplex/Both Sides, short edge top

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O – (Open) All are welcome.
ST – (Step) Twelve Steps of NA.
T – (Tradition) Twelve Traditions of NA.
SWG – (Step Working Guide) Discussion of the Step Working Guide text.
S – (Speaker) Speaker, then opened for participation by attendees.
K – (Keytag) Keytags handed out celebrating lengths of clean time.
FD – (Five and Dime) Discussion on the Fifth Step and Tenth Step
LC – (Living Clean) Living Clean Book
IG – (Introductory Guide) Introductory Guide to NA
HIV – (HIV) Focused on the needs of HIV positive members.
JFT – (Just for Today) Just For Today text.
BST – (Beginners Step (1,2,3)) Steps 1, 2, 3, typically reading them from the Basic Text.
DC – (Childcare) Childcare is available
C – (Closed) Closed to non-addicts.
ES – (Espanol) Spanish.
VM – (Virtual Meeting) Meets through virtual technology.

M – (Men) Meant to be attended by men only.
W – (Women) Meant to be attended by women only.
LGBT – (Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans) Focused on the needs of LGBT community.
IP – (Informational Pamphlet) Discussion of one or more Informational Pamphlets.
Pi – (Pitch) Each person who shares picks the next person.
RF – (Rotating Format) Format that changes for each meeting.
TC – (Temporarily Closed) Physical Meeting Facility is Temporarily Closed.
To – (Topic Discussion) Discusses a chosen topic.
IW – (It Works: How and Why) Discussion of the It Works-How and Why text.
BT – (Basic Text) Discussion of the Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous.
CL – (Candlelight) Meeting is held by candlelight.
CH – (Closed Holidays) Facility is usually closed on holidays.
WC – (Wheelchair) Wheelchair accessible.
GP – (Guiding Principles) Discussion of the Guiding Principles book.
YP – (Young People) Focused on the needs of younger members of NA.
HY – (In-Person Broadcast Virtually)

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