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The Hotline committee does not currently meet. If you are interested

Please let us know at our next Area Service Meeting (1st Wed of Each Month)

Mt. Zion UMC

3006 Old Westminster Pike

Finksburg, MD 21048


If you are interested in serving on the Hotline committee,

please reach out to the Hotline Chair or let us know at our next Area Service Meeting.

You gotta give it away to keep it ;)

The NW Area participates in the Free State Regional Hotline. When you call the Hotline, a member of Narcotics Anonymous answers live*.

* As long as the positions are filled. If not, leave a message and an NA member will return your call.


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What is a Hotline Committee?

* from page 54 of A Guide To Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous


The phoneline subcommittee maintains a telephone information service for Narcotics Anonymous that helps addicts and others in the community find us easily and quickly. Phoneline volunteers often serve as the first point of contact between the community-at-large and the NA Fellowship. For this reason, it’s vital that careful attention be paid to the work of this subcommittee.

Phoneline subcommittees in different NA communities organize their work in different ways to meet local needs. In some areas, PI and phoneline services are operated jointly by a single subcommittee. In smaller communities, the phoneline may be as simple as a call-forwarding service connecting callers with NA members’ home telephones. In the larger metropolitan areas, computerized systems may route incoming calls to the appropriate people and information. For more details on NA phonelines, consult

A Guide to Phoneline Service, available from your local phoneline subcommittee or by writing the World Service Office.

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