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FSRCNA 28 Pre-Registration is OPEN!


Thanksgiving Weekend, November 25-27, 2022

The Hyatt Regency in the Baltimore Inner Harbor

Pre-Registration is ONLY:

$10.00 for Our Members with 3 Years Clean Time or Less

$20.00 for Our Members with Over 3 Years Clean Time

We Keep Registration LOW because We WANT YOU to ATTEND

All Hotel Rooms & ALL Meals are offered at Cost with No Mark Up.

MEALS ONLY Available during Pre-Registration:

To Protect Our Fellowship Finances NO MEALS SOLD On-Site

Our Saturday Main Speaker Banquet SELLS OUT EARLY

We offer a MEAL DEAL consisting of ALL 5 MEALS & FREE Registration for $170.00

$20.00 SAVING!

We believe that we only truly successfully serve as your Regional Convention Corporation if we manage to include participation from all of our Free State Region and all our members; including those who are least able to afford standard registration fees. Those of us blessed with multiple years of recovery have the honor of paying full registration fees as we assist those members that cannot. If all ten areas of our Free State Region are not represented and if all members of our Free State Region both new and old timers are not included; then we have spiritually failed in our service commitment to you.

All these efforts flow from the The MIRACLE of RECOVERY of our NA Fellowship.


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