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Special Events Committee

Meets every 3rd Sunday of each month at 5:30 pm.



If you are interested in serving on the Hotline committee, please reach out to the Special Events Chair or let us know at our next Area Service Meeting.

What is Special Events?

* from pages 55-56 of A Guide To Local Services in Narcotics Anonymous


(called Special Events in NW Area)1

Dances, picnics, campouts, special speaker meetings—these events are put on by area activities subcommittees. Activities like these can provide a greater sense of community for the local NA Fellowship and produce additional area income. It should always be kept in mind, however, that these functions are designed to enhance NA’s primary purpose, not to replace group contributions in funding area services.

A couple of remarks must be made regarding legalities relevant to NA activities. Most activities subcommittees distribute fliers announcing their next event to NA groups in the area. If your subcommittee’s flyer displays one of the NA logos shown below, a small circled letter “R” (it looks like this: ®) should appear to the right of the logo. This mark shows that the logo is a registered trademark of Narcotics Anonymous worldwide and helps protect the logo from misuse outside the fellowship. For more information, see the bulletin, Internal Use of NA Intellectual Property, available from your World Service Office.

Some activities subcommittees have conducted raffles of one sort or another either as separate fundraising efforts or as parts of another activity. It should be noted that in many US states and in some other countries such raffles are considered gambling and, as such, are illegal. Activities subcommittees should also consider whether raffles, especially cash raffles or lotteries, appeal more to the spirit of self-interest than the spirit of voluntary support implicit in our Seventh Tradition.

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