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Virtual Etiquette

In virtual meetings, both participants and hosts should be mindful in relation to some of the following.  Groups may wish to incorporate elements similar to this into their housekeeping or clarity statements.

  1. Inappropriate dress/undress

  2. Using and using paraphernalia on screen

  3. General moving on and off the camera or distracting activities while on camera. For participants, ideally, turn off your camera if you’re going to do anything other than focus on the speaker and their message.

  4. Cross talking/commenting on text chat during a share

  5. Interrupting to ask if anyone can hear you.

  6. Learn how to mute/unmute (hosts can usually mute participants)


Depending on the platform (eg Zoom), the host/co-host can move disruptive participants into a ‘breakout room’ and then explain to them why they are in there and that they will be let back into the meeting when they agree to cease the behavior/activity.  Sometimes a ‘breakout room’ is also good to assist people who are having technical difficulties get them sorted without disturbing the rest of the meeting.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a co-host (or two) to keep an eye on both chat messaging and video.

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